The well-being and safety of our people and our customers is of paramount importance to us, and we are doing everything that we can to play our part in helping to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. We are of course following advice from the governments and public health authorities in the countries in which we operate across the world, which in some cases entails shop and office closures. Our priority is to look after our teams and customers as best we can in these scenarios. We are working with each individual team member to come up with an option that gives them the best level of financial protection possible.

We have also launched an extensive range of our own operational procedures and precautions in order to help limit the spread of COVID-19 and keep our people and our customers safe.

Our amazing teams around the world are working tirelessly to make sure that our business continues to run as efficiently and resiliently as possible during these exceptionally challenging times. Our overriding objective is to look after our teams, and our teams’ overriding objective is to be here for our customers.

Our brand is built on an unwavering commitment to providing our customers with an outstanding level of quality and service. In this period of uncertainty, one of the absolute certainties for us is that we will continue to focus on maintaining that high standard to the best of our abilities.

In addition to the precautions that we are taking in our stores, we have extended our returns policy to 90 days in recognition of the fact that some customers may find it harder to return their goods. Please note returns, refunds and exchanges may take up to 3 weeks to process. We quarantine all return items for 72 hours as a matter of precaution. We will continue to provide updates on delivery options and timelines for online orders, and all of our delivery partners are of course following strict government guidelines for the safe and secure delivery of orders.

Inevitably, certain elements of our operations may not be as smooth and seamless as they are normally given the exceptional circumstances under which we are operating, so we would like to thank our customers in advance for their patience and understanding.

In order to keep our people and our customers safe, many of our stores around the world are currently closed, and clearly this is a situation that we are constantly monitoring given the fast-moving and continually evolving nature of the issue. We are keeping our online store locator updated as things change here.

In those sites that remain open, we are working round the clock to maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene. All surfaces are being regularly cleaned, rigorous handwashing protocols are in place, and we have issued clear guidelines on social distancing and other safety measures.


As in our stores, we have implemented enhanced hygiene protocols and are providing regular briefings to ensure that all of our teams are aware of the new measures. In addition, we are now running separated shifts with no overlap in order to minimize the number of employees onsite at any one time. In our offices, we are encouraging remote working wherever possible and are in daily communication with our teams to ensure that they are receiving all the support from us that they require.